DNN: Login Page 404 Error

Created a login page and now you can not login into dotnetnuke anymore? This happend to me multiple times. After a while, i first created a login-dnn page added the module “Account login” to it (just in case). So i can login whenever i want. This can happen when you change the Login Page setting (Advanced Settings), or when you create …

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Add TabModuleId/ModuleId to your settings

i came to a point where i neeed to manipulate my database, to work out some stuff or fixing the site. if you don’t know the exact ModuleId/TabModuleId its hard to modify the settings of this module. for this i added this to my settings page: TabModuleId: ModuleId: Now i can easly access my Id’s in the module settings.

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PostBack does not work, submit buttons don’t work

I came across the problem that my postback didn’t work as i wanted. Well it did nothing to be exactly! In short validators are the culprit! (they are normally not evil only if you don’t know how to use) I have a validated a form with asp:RequiredFieldValidator this work like i wanted, but somehow another “form” of the site stopped …

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Auto save asp:Textbox settings in DotNetNuke (No more click on save!)

How many time did you close your settings Popup(version 7.0+) and forgot to click on save? I did this a lot of times, and when i was looking on code from Chris Hammond, i think he had the same problem ;-P Most time of his code, I saw properties like this: public int PageSize { get { if (Settings.Contains("PageSize")) return …

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