Simple web.config transformation

Tired of changing your ‘connectionStrings’ in web.config for every build? Then your right here. When you create a new web project you get three .config files, but if you change something in web.debug.config nothing happens. Even if you publish it,it does not work! So let’s start Project configuration Create web.template.config: Create a web.template.config in the explorer. This will be our …

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DNN: Login Page 404 Error

Created a login page and now you can not login into dotnetnuke anymore? This happend to me multiple times. After a while, i first created a login-dnn page added the module “Account login” to it (just in case). So i can login whenever i want. This can happen when you change the Login Page setting (Advanced Settings), or when you create …

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Add TabModuleId/ModuleId to your settings

i came to a point where i neeed to manipulate my database, to work out some stuff or fixing the site. if you don’t know the exact ModuleId/TabModuleId its hard to modify the settings of this module. for this i added this to my settings page: TabModuleId: ModuleId: Now i can easly access my Id’s in the module settings.

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PostBack does not work, submit buttons don’t work

I came across the problem that my postback didn’t work as i wanted. Well it did nothing to be exactly! In short validators are the culprit! (they are normally not evil only if you don’t know how to use) I have a validated a form with asp:RequiredFieldValidator this work like i wanted, but somehow another “form” of the site stopped …

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